By Diane Loong, Managing Director


Your employees will support you if your actions are balanced and well communicated

Return to work strategy

Week by week, Australia is getting closer to returning to the "new normal". With many businesses considering a plan for returning to the workplace, we find ourselves in unchartered territory yet again. It may seem straightforward to let your team know that your workplace is opening back up, but with this comes much planning, consideration and ongoing communication.

As restrictions slowly ease state by state it is important to understand that your business needs to adhere to the guidelines set out by the Government.

These guidelines include social distancing, cleaning, hygiene and more. At Skildare we’re thrilled that our team have started working a combination of in the office and home and we are transitioning back to the office in line with our own return to work plan to ensure the safety of our team and clients. It’s so nice to get some familiar faces back at King street as we gradually respond to the Governments recommended safety guidelines during this transition.

To assist Hunter businesses we have developed a "Return to Work Strategy" to assist business leaders to effectively plan and most importantly adhere to the new Government regulations. Essentially, the document should be a work in progress that will allow you to identify what you need to do before bringing your team back to the workplace.

Just click the link below to download our fillable PDF to assist you plan transition of your employees back to the workplace.

If you would like to chat further, or to discuss a Return to Work Strategy for your business, please reach out to Skildare on 02 4940 8743.

Healthy habits of leading remotely

Guiding your team and your business through the COVID-19 pandemic and all that it brings can be a tough path for many leaders. And although leadership has evolved over many years from the traditional rigid systems of scheduled one-on-ones to what it is today, no-one could have predicted how far we would need to evolve in such a short space of time.

With the dramatic shift into working remotely, leadership has had to adapt quickly, with dividends already being paid to those leaders who have embraced a more engaging style of leadership and communication. To support you in this transition, Brooke Reynolds, our General Manager has developed an article, "Healthy Habits of Leading Remotely" to explain some techniques and styles that may be useful in the coming weeks and months.

By Diane Loong, Managing Director from Skildare

About Skildare

Skildare are a leading provider of outsourced HR in the Hunter region spanning every industry. Our team of qualified HR experts are working tirelessly across a large number of Hunter businesses and helping them navigate the enormity of what is COVID-19.

We are committed to getting our clients through this complex change decisively and with compassion, all whilst meeting Fair Work and Safe Work obligations. Coupled with this is ensuring procedures are in place on how to manage employees who have been stood down, had their hours reduced or are working remotely. This must all be done with the future and recovery in mind. During these unparalleled times, HR expertise has never been more vital to ensure long-term business survival and success.

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